About us

As an independent company Poltramp has been operating since 01.03.2000, but was created by people working in the marine FRS business much longer. Our well qualified and experienced staff is one of our strongest suits, as well as our knowledge of marine market, applicable rules and regulations. The main activity of Poltramp is wide range service of fixed fire suppression systems, fire detection and fire alarm systems, fire fighting equipment and personal protection / rescue equipment. Company holds recognition of most common classification societies - ABS, BV, DNV GL, LR, PRS and RINA. Our standard is to comply with the increasing quality requirements stated by national authorities, maritime organizations and classification societies, while meeting the customers' expectations for a professional and cost effective service. Our activity covers ports and shipyards in Poland (Szczecin, Świnoujscie, Police, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg, Ustka) and in East Germany (Mukran, Vierow, Stralsund). However, in many cases we can offer our support worldwide, especially when we know the vessel's specification and service it regularly.

We specialize in the following areas

Fixed fire suppresion systems inspections and maintenence

  • Gas-based fire suppression systems (High Pressure and Low Pressure CO2 systems, Clean Agent Systems)
  • Water-based fire suppression systems,
  • Dry chemical-based fire suppression systems,
  • Foam-based fire suppression systems (High Expansion Foam systems, Low Expansion Foam Systems)

Fire fighting eqiupment

  • Portable and semi-portable fire extinguishers
  • Foam applicators
  • Fire hoses
  • Fireman's outfits

Personal protection

  • Respiratory protective equipment incl. BA and EEBD set
  • Protective clothing

Fire detection and fire alarm systems

Gas detection systems and portable instruments

Personal life saving equipment:

  • Immersion suits
  • Life jackets
  • Always ready to help You

    We are also able to arrange many additional services as well as full range of marine safety supplies. Basing on your needs and our experience we are always ready to help you to improve the safety on board your vessels. Just please ask for our tailor-made offer for your company.

SAFETY FIRST with our support

POLTRAMP offers you the periodic inspections, maintenance and repair of most common systems and equipment used on the marine market:

How to reach us:


ul. Hryniewieckiego 1
70-606 Szczecin

Phone and fax

+48 91 4623 231 +48 601 78 28 35
+48 91 4623 361